2020 Year End Post

2020 has been a difficult year filled with ups and downs. COVID-19 came as many epidemiologists and microbiologists have long predicted. It has upended our lives, some more than others. There are so many excellent comics about the experience. Also some comics are aimed at helping educate people about what it is and what to do. It is fascinating to look back at the comics from March and April to see how much has changed about our reactions to COVID and how much we have learned about it, how it spreads, and how it attacks the body. You can find some of those comics on the Graphic Medicine website on a page that I created and organized. 

On a personal level, I became pregnant after a few long cycles of IVF, one of which was greatly changed by COVID, first delayed, then distanced. I’m currently 19 weeks along. 2021 will be an eventful year for me. 

On a professional level, I am now the multimedia coordinator on the Graphic Medicine website, which includes helping with the Graphic Medicine podcast. I’ve done the post-production on two podcasts now. Listen to the Graphic Medicine 2020 Year in Review episode here. Next year, I plan on taking on some interviews and being more involved from the start. You can subscribe to the Graphic Medicine podcast anywhere you get your podcasts. 

My favorite graphic medicine books of 2020 were Go With the Flow and Menopause: A Comic Treatment. Go With the Flow follows four teenage girls as they deal with menstruation, menstrual pain, endometriosis, and a school administration who refuses to stock menstrual products in the bathrooms. It is a delightful read. 

Menopause: A Comic Treatment is less fun, but no less amazing. It contains stories from a range of ages and gender expressions. MK Czerwiec brought it together to form an anthology that takes on issues others would discourage discussion of. Some stories take on stereotypes and negative associations with menopause. Others discuss the changes of how they related to their bodies. Overall it has powerful comics that are bound to make you think.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a good 2021. Let’s learn more about graphic medicine together.

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