Streaming on Twitch

July 28 I started streaming on Twitch. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 1pm CST, I stream at for about an hour. This means you can watch and chat with me in real time. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, Twitch is a platform similar to YouTube that is focused on live streams. Most Twitch streamers focus on video games, but there are also many art streamers. 

Poppy watercolor from Twitch stream by Alice Jaggers

On a typical stream, I go over previous art and projects we have done recently. Then I work on a comic and/or switch off with a watercolor painting. While I wait for the painting to dry between layers, I continue working on the comic. Recently I have been experimenting with coloring the comics using watercolor. Halfway through the stream, I give viewers a graphic medicine recommendation. I have videos for most of the previous recommendations I have done. These involve a quick review of the chosen book, including what health themes it contains and highlights of what makes it a great example of graphic medicine.

“Good Trouble: Words of John Lewis” comic from Twitch stream by Alice Jaggers

My current comic project is “Golden Bear and the Three Hikers,” which is three perspectives of a real-life event: when my mother, my husband, and I came across a (golden-furred) black bear on a hike. Over the course of several streams, I have scripted, thumbnailed, sketched, and partially inked the comic. Also, during the thumbnail stage, a star was born. I had done a quick image of the bear to note what the panel would contain. My viewers quickly fell in love with the extremely circular rendition of the animal. It has become the stream mascot: Quick Sketch Bear (QSB)! 

Quick Sketch Bear (QSB) watercolor by Alice Jaggers

You can watch live by using the link above without any further action required. In order to follow the stream or type in chat, though, you must sign up for a Twitch account. It is free and works much like any other social media account. If you would like to see videos of past streams, these stay up for a week. I also clip out the graphic medicine highlights of past streams. What is the advantage of making a Twitch account, then? Well, when you sign up for a Twitch account, you can follow my stream by clicking on the heart icon on my Twitch page. This helps me tremendously, because followers are the main way I can support myself by streaming. The absolute best support comes if you follow me, watch me live, and participate in chat. If you are interested, stop by and check it out

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