New Graphic Medicine: Aug 2020

Here are the graphic medicine books coming out in August 2020. These lists will be about books that I have not yet read. If I have had the opportunity, I will let you know what I thought. If you have read one or more, please leave a comment about what you thought! supports indie bookstores. I have become an affiliate of them. This means if you click on these links and purchase the book, I will receive a 10% kickback. Buying the book this way means you will be supporting me as well as indie bookstores. If you have any questions or concerns about this, let me know. You can find lists for graphic medicine books out each month as well as a list of major graphic medicine books. I will keep adding to this list.  

Menopause: A Comic Treatment edited by MK Czerwiec
Release Date: August 17, 2020

This anthology covers topics about and around menopause. It aims to shed light on menopause to lessen the stigma and encourage open communication. Through an assortment of perspectives, the book promotes community and acceptance. It is edited by MK Czerwiec.  The contributors include Lynda Barry, Maureen Burdock, Jennifer Camper, KC Councilor, MK Czerwiec, Leslie Ewing, Joyce Farmer, Ellen Forney, Ann M. Fox, Keet Geniza, Roberta Gregory, Teva Harrison, Rachael House, Leah Jones, Monica Lalanda, Cathy Leamy, Ajuan Mance, Jessica Moran, Mimi Pond, Sharon Rosenzweig, Joyce Schachter, Susan Merrill Squier, Emily Steinberg, Nicola Streeten, A. K. Summers, Kimiko Tobimatsu, Carol Tyler, Shelley L. Wall, and Dana Walrath.

Wear a mask if you have to go out. In fact, you can find graphic medicine masks on RedBubble. For comics about COVID-19, go to

If you know of any that I missed, leave a note in the comments! Thank you for reading. If you would like to support me financially, I have a Patreon.

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