What to Do Next

This is the last post in the Integrating Graphic Medicine into the Workplace series! Make sure you comment below or catch me on social media to let me know what you want to see me do next! 

Throughout this process, you have Tested the Waters to get a feel for how your institution feels about graphic medicine, created an Advocacy Toolkit to effectively spread the word about graphic medicine, Started a Collection or Program at your institution, and Figured Out How It Went

After MK Czerwiec, creator of Taking Turns, came to my institution, a few professors approached me asking for more information on graphic medicine. From the interest of MK’s visit and the feedback I kept track of, I decided to have a follow-up presentation. I asked my supervisor for guidance on how to go about doing so. She pointed me to asking for a spot in the library lecture series, which had consisted of lectures and panels on topics such as publishing, predatory publishers, and open access. The library director greenlit the lecture after seeing the report based on the quantitative and qualitative data on MK’s visit. The lecture included an assessment of what people already knew, a slideshow of additional information about graphic medicine, followed by a hands-on activity drawing comics, and ended with a discussion. The whole class was about an hour and a half long. More information about this class can be found in this post. All the participants had attended at least one event during the MK visit and had a basic knowledge of graphic medicine. 

Your pilot has ended. It is time to learn from it and decide what to do next. You get to be the decision maker from here. Your future course will be dependent on what you found. Integration into the workplace is, as I have stressed throughout this series, an iterative process. You will return to the beginning of the process, but with a twist. This time, testing the waters will be about how decision makers and intended audience feel about graphic medicine after what you have done. The same rules and techniques apply, but your increased information lets you act with more specificity. Get more specific about demonstrating benefits specific to the interest garnered. Gather information to expand the presence of graphic medicine into the workplace. Rinse and repeat. 

 If you started with a collection, here are some choices:

  • Expand your collection (especially if you have requests from the readers)
  • Start a program

If you started with a program, here are some choices:

  • Expand your program
  • Start a new or spinoff program
  • Start a collection

I previously gave 10 good starter graphic medicine titles. Here are 5 more that are great for an expanding collection:

  • Marbles by Ellen Forney
  • Special Exits by Joyce Farmer
  • Kid Gloves by Lucy Knisley
  • Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett Krosoczka
  • Mis(h)adra by Iasmin Omar Ata 

Program ideas include:

  • Bookclub (all the same book or all have different graphic medicine titles)
  • Comic making workshops
  • Lecture
  • Guest creators
  • Creative spaces (white boards, large sheets of paper, station with art supplies)
  • Drawing contests
  • Comics challenges
  • Mini ComicCon
  • Displays of comics from people in your institution
  • Exhibits

As mentioned above, your next step will involve repeating the steps in this Integration series. It is an iterative process of gathering feedback to determine future steps. While the direction you take will be specific to your institution and your circumstances, the same iterative process you have used to pilot your program will be used to grow your program. Test the Waters, Advocate, and add more graphic medicine to your institution making sure to evaluate how it is going.   

Cycle of Criteria, Feedback, Analysis, Report, and Change
Iterative Process of Evaluation

That is it for this series! Let me know what you think! What should I do next? Comment or get in touch with me on Twitter @AJaggers324 or Instagram @AJaggers324, like and subscribe. Also if you would like to support me financially, you can go to patreon.com/ajaggers324. Thank you!

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