How do you integrate graphic medicine in the workplace?

By popular demand, I will be producing a series of posts about integrating graphic medicine into the workplace. Every Tuesday I will be posting a more in depth look at the steps and challenges you might face. I welcome feedback as I go, especially if there is a specific challenge you are facing or a specific workplace.  The aim of this series is to be applicable for a wide range of workplaces. I will likely include examples from the healthcare industry and libraries, because that is where my expertise lies. If you want information on another industry, I will find someone who can speak to that. Also if you have a success story to share, let me know! 

The initial five topics I will be addressing are Testing the Waters, Advocacy Toolkit, Starting a Collection or Program, Figuring Out How It Went, and What to Do After That.  

1. Testing the Waters

The first step is to determine whether the decision makers are receptive to graphic medicine. If they are, you can skip the second step, but it still looks great if you give them the evidence regardless. If not, then do not despair! There are ways to convince them of the awesomeness that is graphic medicine.

2. Advocacy Toolkit

Send a request about graphic medicine to the powers that be with a toolkit with evidence and examples included. Make sure to include at least one (short) example of graphic medicine. Also include articles, blogs, and other resources about graphic medicine.

3. Starting a Collection or Program

Start small. The people in charge will be more likely to agree to a trial run than a full roll out. Pick a few books or a small program, whatever works best. Make sure to collect as much feedback as possible. Keep track of any statistics you can find.

4. Figuring Out How It Went

Look at the feedback. If the response isn’t great, it is time to pivot and try it from a different angle. If the response is good, then make sure to get back to the powers that be with all your data in hand. This is a great time to request money to expand to a larger collection and/or more programming. 

5. What to Do Next

Now it is time to go back and get even more feedback. Gather it from as many groups as possible about what they want to see with an additional step. They might have some ideas you would never consider! This is the part that is most individualized. 

This roadmap gives you an idea of what I will be posting. Make sure you let me know if you want more, something else, and/or something specific. I’m happy to see your comments and questions!


If you want to support me financially, I have a Patreon: Also you can follow me on Twitter @AJaggers324 and Instagram @AJaggers324.

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Come with me on the journey to start using graphic medicine where you work.

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