Graphic Medicine Seminar Highlights

Building on the wonderful events with MK Czerwiec at my institution, I led a seminar in my library. It wasn’t necessary for someone to have gone to one of MK’s events, but most everyone there had attended at least one event. Everyone had a basic idea of graphic medicine. This allowed me to take a deeper dive into the implications and applications of the field.

Before I began, I made everyone write down anything they already knew about graphic medicine. I got some great responses, which helped me determine where the attendees were with their understanding. Here are some examples:

  • “The use of comics/illustrations to provide narrative information and insight about medicine/[healthcare]/research”
  • “Personal stories, medical issues, cartoon books, very sad but also inspiring”
  • “Graphic medicine is an important way of communicating content related to medicine/human health issues in a visual format.”
  • “Graphic med is use of words combined w/ image, often in narrative sequence, that tell stories or inform about experiences in health or healthcare.”
  • “Any sequential art pertaining to health topics, patient experience, clinical experience, patient education, etc.”
  • “Graphical way to increase health literacy amongst general population”
  • “Illustrated [healthcare provider] perspective, illustrated patient care perspective, covers many areas: clinical, instructive, [healthcare practice], benefits: easier comprehension, more approachable topics”


I was really excited to get such accurate responses. It meant I was able to jump right into everything. I gave some examples of applications for healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, and education.

After that, I got everyone to draw a clinical encounter comic.  After that, I broke everyone into small groups. There were many good ideas all around! Each person had an idea about how to incorporate graphic medicine into their work. The main portion of the seminar lasted one hour. Three people actually stayed longer than the hour, drew additional comics, and had some great discussions. I am excited about the potential for my institution!

I heard from everybody after the class with further questions and requests. I am happy with the contacts that I have made and hope that I can further these relationships. There are already more classes in the works, and I will share details as I know more. Hopefully I can finagle something with live-streaming potential and/or a webinar.

Would anyone here be interested in attending a webinar or watching a stream of a class on the applications of graphic medicine?

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