Comics and Medicine: The Ways We Work

This August, I will be headed to Vermont for the annual Comics and Medicine conference hosted by The Center for Cartoon Studies. I am super excited! Last year in Seattle for Comics and Medicine: Access Points, I learned so much and had such a great time. The people who came were creative, intelligent, kind, and thoughtful. I am especially excited because I will be giving a lightning talk on graphic medicine in libraries, specifically academic health science libraries. I work in a library connected to a medical school and a hospital. For the most part, I work in the school side.

Here is the link to my presentation in Sched: (Graphic Medicine in the Academic Health Sciences Library is the title.) I plan on discussing the introduction of graphic medicine to my library through a few different events and with a special collection. I have additional plans for my library that require funding and approval from the powers that be. I will be talking about what other libraries are doing with graphic medicine. I will quickly go over what librarians can contribute to graphic medicine. Although librarians will likely get the most out of this, it will be helpful for others as well. At the very least, if you would like to participate in an activity like this, tell your local library. If they seem interested you can give them my contact information.

After looking at the conference schedule, I admit I’m rather distraught. There are too many sessions I want to attend! If anyone knows any tips about being in more than one place at once, I would love to know. 😉 I am looking over the sessions to highlight a few that look particularly interesting, but I find myself wanting to include them all!

Are you planning on going? How are you choosing what to go to? (I’m thinking a dart board.) What are you most excited about?

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